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Tin Kanya – HoiHullor Originals Bgrade Bold Bangla Short Film


Tin Kanya – HoiHullor Originals Bgrade Bold Bangla Short Film

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Specification: bangla / bengali / HoiHullor / indian / short film

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6 thoughts on “Tin Kanya – HoiHullor Originals Bgrade Bold Bangla Short Film

  1. Hi admin can you please provide us the link which we can play without downloading it. Because of this we can save our internet GB data without downloading the whole file.

    For eg this kind of online playinlg inks –

    Not this kind of downloadable link

    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment.
      can’t you watch the video from the video player? we are giving also playing url. if you don’t want to download the hole video file you have to play the video from the video player.
      Hopefully that you understand.

          1. Thanks admin for ur reply. The video quality from that video player is not good thats y i always play video from “download original video” button because its quality is good. And i found that in some old video links there is .mp4 files which we can play directly without downloading it and its quality is very good for eg this link and now in new videos from download original video buttion there is .zip files instead of .mp4 files for eg this link so basically i am trying to say that whether it is possible to
            1. Keep .mp4 files instead of .zip files in ” download original video” button or
            2. To keep high quality video just like in “download original video “button in video player of the front page as u shown in the image.

          2. I understand your opinion. you have to download the zip file to watch original video. there is no other way.

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